Know what's working for your business, hour by hour, transaction by transaction.

ta overview

Transaction Analysis is a web-based application that collects and analyzes data from POS systems. After integrating with your POS, Transaction Analysis is an indispensable tool for studying sales trends, understanding customer traffic patterns, and monitoring staff behavior at the register. Some of the application's top features include:

  • Summary reports for any time period on the number of voids, no sales, price overrides, and returns, organized by cashier.
  • Statistics on the highest and lowest selling items, and which items are selling with which other items most frequently.
  • Identifying peak business hours and making related store staffing recommendations.
  • Analysis of promotions and which clerks have the highest success rate with upsells.
  • High-level information on total fuel and item sales for any time period.
  • The ability to view and print time stamped receipts for any transaction that's taken place.
  • Scalability to any number of sites and comparative analysis of site activities.

ta overview

Transaction Analysis connects with your POS in near real time, so that you can check in on your operation whenever and wherever you need to. A powerful application that can be accessed through mobile devices, Transaction Analysis was designed to tell you exactly what you want to know, by a company that has been building back office software since 1981.

How Transaction Analysis works

Transaction Analysis lets you start at a broad level, viewing sales, voids, price overrides, and other statistics across all your sites. When you see something of interest, you can click a related report and advance downward in detail. For instance, if you see a store has an abnormally high number of price overrides, you can run a price override report, and sort it by cashiers. Then, a final level of detail is available—the transaction receipts themselves. If you suspect a clerk is performing false price overrides, you can see the detail of any price override performed by the clerk, over any timeframe.

This three-tier analysis system, complete with a configurable dashboard up front, lets you find information crucial to your business operations quickly and easily.

Transaction Analysis is an independent application, available separately from the Computerized Daily Book, SSCS' full C-Store Management solution. However, when you purchase the Computerized Daily Book, you also get Transaction Analysis as part of the bundle.

Transaction Analysis is mainly a monitoring program. The Computerized Daily Book not only allows for monitoring and reporting of transactions, but also helps you handle things like inventory management, accounting, fuel management, food service recipes, and basically everything that goes on in the modern C-store. While Transaction Analysis only takes information in from your POS, the CDB both sends and receives information to and from your POS, letting you adjust prices and margins based on the CDB's own analytical reports. For an overview of the CDB, just click here.

It depends. If you just want to get started with some C-store software, Transaction Analysis is a great choice. By using it, you'll be able to optimize your staff scheduling, pinpoint any shrinkage or theft that's happening at the register, fine tune your promotions, and even rethink the layout of your store as you see which items sell together the most. Transaction Analysis pays for itself - often in the opening weeks of being set up, and continues to pay dividends for years afterward. If you're looking for a more comprehensive solution, the CDB bundle is a full-scale set of tools designed to help modern C-store operators keep track of every nut, bolt, and stick of gum at their sites.